Lapis Lazuli Energy Bracelet

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Lapis Lazuli has been valued for thousands of years. Cleopatra ground it and used it as eye shadow. Michelangelo used it as a paint pigment on the Sistine Chapel. And, of course, it is used in jewelry. Lapis is symbolic of royalty, strength, and wisdom, and friendship and truth.
Our selection of energy bracelets is designed to accommodate an average size, approximately 7" - 7 1/2". Custom sizing is available on request.

Note: Our pieces are individually handcrafted so there may be some small variation in size and/or color of the materials used from those pictured. The copper wire we use has a fine enamel coating to help keep it from tarnishing. This thin film does not affect the copper’s conductivity or metaphysical properties.
Disclaimer: All crystal and gemstone healing and Holistic/metaphysical descriptions provided are not intended to imply or guarantee any effect or treatment. Those with an illness or health/wellness issues should consult with their General Medical Practitioner.