Autumn Tree of Life Gemstone and Copper Suncatcher

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This pretty Suncatcher is about 3 1/4 inches in diameter. It represents a "Tree-of-Life" with an Autumn theme. The body of the tree and the frame are made using copper wire. The leaves are in Fall foliage represented by numerous small Red Aventurine and Red Agate chips. The suncatcher has a loop at the top for easy hanging. The gemstones provide a pretty sparkling effect in sunlight. Truely a lovely one-of-kind piece!  If you are interested in a custom size or other gemstone options send us an email:

Note: Our pieces are individually handcrafted so there may be some small variation in size and/or color of the materials used from those pictured. The copper wire we use has a fine enamel coating to help keep it from tarnishing. This thin film does not affect the copper’s conductivity or metaphysical properties.
Disclaimer: All crystal and gemstone healing and Holistic/metaphysical descriptions provided are not intended to imply or guarantee any effect or treatment. Those with an illness or health/wellness issues should consult with their General Medical Practitioner.