What's So Special About Our Wire?

Copper. An amazing metal, it’s been used for millennia in applications ranging from weaponry to decoration. And it’s at the heart of nearly every Crystals in Copper piece, from our handcrafted chains to our one of a kind rings. The potential benefits of wearing copper are many, from pain relief to anti-microbial properties. It may even help as an anti-inflammatory.

Some of our pieces are made using copper plated with other metals, such as Gold, Silver, or Titanium. All of our copper is coated with a clear enamel. This prevents the copper from oxidizing and changing color over time. However, this clear protective coating does not diminish any of the metal’s inherent properties. In tests we’ve carried out this enamel coated copper remains ductile and malleable, and also highly electrically conductive. Exactly what you want in copper metal!

If you have  piece of "magnetic" copper jewelry (we DO NOT produce this type of product) you may find that your skin turns color. That's because that piece is not pure copper which is NOT magnetic. Some producers add nickel, which is magnetic, to their copper. Unfortunately, many people are nickel sensitive. We never use such copper. In addition, all our pure copper wire has a thin transparent enamel coating so our pieces should remain tarnish free under normal conditions.

We also use surgical steel for most of our earring wires. This is a hypoallergenic metal, but is still affordable.