Tree of Life Pendants

The Tree of Life is an ancient symbol with many meanings. It appears in some fashion in almost all religions: For Christians it is the Tree growing in the Garden of Eden. For Buddhists, it is the Tree of Enlightenment, under which Buddha mreached enlightenment. In Judaism, the Tree nourished and sustained life.

The Tree of Life symbolizes many things. It can represent strength, sine the mighty tree can withstand severe storms. It can represent individuality; just as no two trees are alike, so are we all unique. The tree can also represent a connection to everything - the earth below and the sky above.

We have several types of Tree of Life Jewelry: Pendants on adjustable length satin cord and handcrafted chains. Also Bracelets on chains. All feature gemstones in a copper (or plated) tree.

* This is another item that can be custom created. One popular item is the "Birthstone Tree". Inquire about customization options.