Obsidian Quartz and Tourmalinated Quartz Wrap Wire Bracelet Handcrafted

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This is a power piece if ever there was one! It's a visually striking piece, with the black and white colors, and variety of materials. And the gemstones are incredible. Quartz (the master healer) amplifies the energies of other stones. Obsidian is a powerfully protective crystal, forming a shield to protect the wearer from negativity. Tourmalinated quartz is quartz with black tourmaline needles (you can best see these in the dangles), so it has the qualities of quartz and tourmaline. It is a powerful shield stone that, depending on the intent of the wearer, can return the negative energy (like a mirror) or transform it into positive. The coiled memory wire adjusts to fit most wrist sizes. If you are interested in a custom size or other gemstone options send us an email: CrystalsinCopper@yahoo.com.

Note: Our pieces are individually handcrafted so there may be some small variation in size and/or color of the materials used from those pictured. The copper wire we use has a fine enamel coating to help keep it from tarnishing. This thin film does not affect the copper’s conductivity or metaphysical properties.
Disclaimer: All crystal and gemstone healing and Holistic/metaphysical descriptions provided are not intended to imply or guarantee any effect or treatment. Those with an illness or health/wellness issues should consult with their General Medical Practitioner.