Endless Gemstone Chip Strand Necklace

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I love gemstone chips! Unlike more traditional, uniformly cut stones, the chips are so organic - no tow are exactly the same shape or color - they just seem more natural, somehow. And, with few exceptions, chips are often completely untreated - that is not the case with traditional cut stones. Another plus is the extreme surface area - there are more stones, usually, per inch. Therefore, the metaphysical benefits are often magnified. These endless necklaces are a perfect way to wear gemstone (or glass chips). The possibilities are incredible - wear a single strand, knotted, for an interesting look. Or twist a few together, for a real statement piece!
We have a large selection, but rather limited quantities:

Sodalite         Obsidian      Tiger Eye     Red Agate    Rose Quartz

Green Aventurine   Apatite-colored Czech Glass     Howlite          Red Jasper

Matte finish Jasper            Fancy(multicolor) Agate              Brown Goldstone

(*Goldstone is man-made, with tiny flecks of copper throughout)

Note: Our pieces are individually handcrafted so there may be some small variations in size and/or color of the materials used from those pictured.
 All crystal and gemstone healing and Holistic/metaphysical descriptions provided are not intended to imply or guarantee any effect or treatment. Those with an illness or health/wellness issues should consult with their General Medical Practitioner.